At Last, ‘Seekers’ Who Deserve Asylum!

While none of us wants undesirable bludgers swarming into our countries, it’s important to remember that ‘asylum-seeker’ was once a respectable term, refugees from communism in particular given shelter from the evil that reigned in their homelands.

Some leftists in Australia would like to air-brush their Labor heroes’ racist hostility to desperate Vietnamese who sought Antipodean sanctuary after the tragic Fall of Saigon to the forces of tyranny. 


  • communism tyranny
  •         Peter Fechter, murdered by the quisling DDR regime’s guards as he tried to flee East Germany


  • Nowadays, so many phoneys hide beneath the label, economic migrants mostly but all kinds of crimmigrant trash too, we sometimes lose sight of the original legitimate definition.

But real asylum-seekers do still exist, and paradoxically, given our choice of photograph, Germany is one country from which victimised refugees may benefit from the latest congressional moves in America!

 The House Judiciary Committee passed a bill Wednesday that would allow people to seek asylum in the USA if they are persecuted by their governments for homeschooling their children. 

You might imagine that totalitarian regimes are the sort that target home-schoolers. But, in reality, it’s Western European countries that are the villains, notably Germany, which maintains Hitler’s Nazi ban on the practice, and Sweden.  read more here

And the most heinous offenders are the decadent elitists in Strasbourg, the judges of the European Court of Human Rights!


  • Empty Threats, But Cameron Will Cower From Crim-Loving Court
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  • As so often, they side with the EUSSR’s hostility towards traditional European liberties, in this case the right of parents to bring up their children in accordance with their own values…



… not the Eurocrats’ PC poison.


Inevitably, American leftists sought to muddy the waters –

“Shouldn’t children who are fleeing child abuse and violence be afforded the same protection as a child who is denied homeschooling?” said Rep. Luis Gutiérrez, D-Ill…

  •  Raul Labrador
  • This specious reasoning was fast shot down by Rep. Raúl Labrador, R-Idaho, who pointed out that asylum had always been reserved for refugees persecuted by their governments…

And the bill’s sponsor, Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, added that if the law was changed to allow victims of crime-ridden nations to gain asylum, the USA would be unable to absorb the millions of refugees who would flee from countries where gangs run rampant.

His Asylum Reform and Border Protection Act also tries to tighten up admission rules to restrict the number of dubious claimants who currently get through the net.

Sounds like a sensible measure, so let’s wish it well!

It needs to finish its passage in the House before going to the Senate. And even if it passes there, it may well be vetoed by the Un-American in the White House.





Criminals are okay as far as he’s concerned…GOP Silent as Obama‘s Illegals Cause Crime Wave | The Daily Caller …but probably not genuine cases of persecution, which the home-schoolers undoubtedly are