Limerick Competition in New BRITEXIT Magazine!

Another gorgeous sunny day, so I’m going out for a while to enjoy it.
But first, here’s a plug for a Limerick Competition, in a new magazine!
The magazine’s very good, but the sample limericks, although ideologically sound, are not that great.
I’m sure some of us at RRA can do better.

But they must reach the contest organisers by the end of this week. Send yours to – before 30 March!

Better Off Out logo
The first edition of our exciting new magazine is now available on-line. Click HERE to view the magazine in downloadable pdf format. 
In this month’s edition we feature:
  • The Scare Mongers, by Brian Monteith
  • Who do you want to control UK Justice?, by Rupert Matthews
  • In Conversation with Bill Etheridge, UKIP MEP for the West Midlands
  • Forthcoming Events
  • Limerick Competition 
  • Introducing Britannia Brexit – the new champion of Euroscepticism
  • and much more…
The Brexit Magazine is published monthly by Better Off Out and is aimed at all those seeking to realign Britain’s relationship with the European Union. We aim to include something for everyone, so have a look HERE and let us know what you think.