ISIS in Indonesia – Why Is Alhadar ‘Reluctant’ To Tell All? is well worth reading this week. Not least because of its coverage of a man with the unusual name of Smith Alhadr.


  • Smith Alhadar (IST)

Smith Alhadar


He’s with the University of Indonesia, a highly reputable institution, and he’s described as a Middle East analyst. Republika, an Islamic-inclined newspaper, evidently thinks he’s worth talking to on the issue of ISIS, because they contacted him on Monday.

While his reported comments start off in rather anodyne mode, saying that many factors cause the increase of Indonesian citizens joining ISIS,  he goes on to add that encouragement of Muslim community organisations is also a motivating factor.



Well, that’s hardly a novel insight. It stands to reason that sectarian sexist thug gangs would be a predictable source of recruits for a movement like ISIS, noted for being partial to rape and murder and enslavement of women.

But when it comes to the crunch, this analyst’s insights suddenly run dry. Having said that there is an alleged support group within Indonesia, he was reluctant to mention the name of the group!

Astoundingly – perhaps not if you are familiar with the standards of journalism here – Republika omits the part where they asked him WHY he was reluctant to name is rabid jihadist outfit.

It certainly isn’t timidity. He tells us a lot, including that, through its official website, it openly issues calls to follow Al-Qaeda leader Sheikh  Ayman al-Zawahiri. In addition, it also supports the Al-Qaeda jihadists, both Muhammad Al-Jaulani’s forces and ISIS forces.

So since they are obviously in the business of publicising their satanic cause, they won’t be unduly upset if people mention their name. So why doesn’t he give it?

There’s no point in him not naming them on the grounds he doesn’t want to give them publicity. Anything Smith says about them will make nary a drop of difference to the spread of their poisonous ideology .

I suspect the gang he’s talking about has been mentioned right here, on RRA, where you can find many references to ISIS fan-clubs in Indonesia, like these…. 

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…and many more.

We wouldn’t do it if we thought it helped them – condemnation is necessary if evil makes itself manifest. 


So what’s behind Smith Alhadr’s ‘reluctance?’ I don’t know. So that’s why I’m posting on it tonight.