Anti-UKIP Freaks Face Threats? Reaping What You Sow…

I’m sure most decent people in Britain shared the disgust I felt for the filthy freaks who barged into a pub where Nigel Farage was having lunch with his family.



I made no comment at the time. No need!

It goes without saying that most parents who enjoy a pub lunch with their kids – a normal, civilised activity in the UK, BTW, if you’re not familiar with the British way of life – would react strongly to having their school-age children terrorised by these rabid ‘scum’ – as Farage accurately described them. 


red nazis in action


They have allies among the degenerates in what passes for British journalism –

I struggle to find anything good about being straight, white and British. Farage fracas: my day with the anti-Ukip cabaret he called ‘scum’    Guardian23 Mar 2015

What A



But not all journos are sick swine of that ilk!

If there are honourable, decent people in the media bothered to investigate the scum’s background, I strongly suspect they’ll find that at least the ring-leaders are ex-SWP, the red nazis of the Socialist Workers’ Party.  Much like the UAF hoodlum outfit whose violence we have all witnessed.





That more or less defunct SWP marxist thug-gang was notorious in the 70s and 80s for its hateful and desperate efforts to intimidate students whose views they disliked.

They were ardent enforcers for the NUS ‘No Platform’ policy which sought to silence opposition voices on university campuses.


  • UAF  idiot SWP


So why on earth does the Guardian deem it a big story that the filthy morons are facing a backlash.

Demonstrators who forced Nigel Farage to flee pub receive abusive messages by text and email as well as on Twitter and Facebook.