Millions of Brits Denied Referendum Vote, Myriad Aliens Included!

If you’re one of the many Brits who have understandably retired to sunnier shores, you may well be excluded from voting in the referendum promised by David Cameron.


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According to the British Government electoral website, IF YOU HAVE LIVED OUTSIDE THE UK FOR 15 YEARS, YOU HAVE LOST YOUR RIGHT TO VOTE.

But if you’re a Greek, a  Dane or a Maltese, or a citizen of any EUSSR member state who’s come to Britain in the past year or two, you are perfectly at liberty to register to take part in a decision which will decide the constitutional status of the realm for the foreseeable future.

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There is no conceivable justification for this.

I append an extract from a site which focuses on this disgraceful disenfranchisement.


A surprising statistic this 9%  perhaps, but consider the following, based on the UK’s Annual Population Survey estimates for the year 2013, published on 28 August 2014 by the Office for National Statistics:

UK resident population – 62.6 million

minus non-British UK residents – 4.9 million

= Total number of British citizens in the UK – 57.7 million




plus the British abroad – 5.6 million (IPPR estimates based on British passports issued to addresses abroad)

= Total British citizens, resident in UK + abroad – 63.3 million

The British abroad as a percentage of all British = 8.8%


And is it really accidental that it disproportionately impacts Britons of middle-age or older, whom all surveys show are more likely to vote for deliverance from Brussels rule?

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