Jakarta – Fanatics Fume at Shut-Down of Sectarian Websites!

Always a joy to catch up with the latest babbling of the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) who are now accusing President Jokowi of ‘suppressing freedom of the press.’ This serious charge arises from the government’s move to close Islamic media sites spreading radicalism in Indonesia.


Having recently experienced symptoms of mild anxiety about Jokowi’s stance on various matters, this is encouraging. The President is lucky, of course, because unlike European leaders who show interest in fighting subversion, he does not have the decadent creeps on the European Court to hamper him on spurious ‘rights’ grounds.


  • goog terrorism1350231946-muslims-call-for-end-to-vilification-of-islam---london_1522652 of course it all depends what you mean by terrorism
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Obviously porn is much more dangerous than these public-spirited citizens


It looks like the IslamoNazi thug gang are even missing ex-President SBY, whom the whiteshirt sectarians’ fuhrer once dismissed as a ‘banci‘ – that’s a transvestite hooker, BTW – because they nostalgically note that back in the good old days it wasn’t like this!


  • jokowi-kowi Jokowi



In SBY’s era, the Ministry blocked gambling and porn sites – in the Jokowi era, they’re blocking Islamic sites and leaving porn alone.

Jakarta Minister Can Ban A Bare Bum But Not ISIS Scum! 

Of course SBY was fortunate to have a member of the fanatic PKS party at the Ministry – yes, the same party whose leader lauded Osama Bin laden in a post 9/11 ode.

SBY’s Minister gained worldwide fame when he got into bother for shaking a woman’s hand- Mrs. Obama’s.

I find porn a pointless pastime, okay for those who are without the pleasure of women’s company, maybe, but time spent studying fanatics is rarely wasted. So I suppose I spend much more time on Islamist sites.

Know your enemy, always a motto that makes sense. That’s why my own post-graduate course was in Soviet Studies. 

The BNPT is the National Agency for Combatting Terrorism, and it was they who submitted the request for the shut-down.  The sites are listed – if you can find them, then they’re obviously not shut down!  

I’ll get back to this tomorrow

1. arrahmah.com

2. voa-islam.com
3. ghur4ba.blogspot.com
4. panjimas.com
5. thoriquna.comWe’ll
6. dakwatuna.com
7. kafilahmujahid.com
8. an-najah.net
9. muslimdaily.net
10. hidayatullah.com
11. salam-online.com
12. aqlislamiccenter.com
13. kiblat.net
14. dakwahmedia.com
15. muqawamah.com
16. lasdipo.com
17. gemaislam.com
18. eramuslim.com
19. daulahislam.com
20. mshoutussalam.com
21. azzammedia.com
22. Indonesiasupportislamicstate.blogspot.com