Makan Mewah di Jakarta? $1.50? Haute Cuisine a la Warteg!



One dollar and fifty cents!

Taken this past day, at 2pm, in my favourite warteg, the location of which I keep to myself, as I like to relax there and ponder plans, etc., with only the cheery chatter of the three teenage waitresses in the backgound, which never bothers me. They are delightful young ladies from Tegal, in Central Java.

That’s all it costs, and it both fills you up and tastes excellent.

The rice you will recognise.

The egg, one of about four or five per portion requested, is telur puyuh – quail eggs, of which my doctor friend says I should beware, packed with cholestoral – yummy!

BTW, did I spell cholerster-whatsit right? Not a word I use or think about often.

To the forefront, my nod towards healthy eating.

I usually order some veg, often cap cay( pronounced chap chy) just in case my Mother is peering over her window-box on the Elysian Fields – one doesn’t forget the adjurations which reverberated around childhood meals!

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  • On the left, those two big chunky things are tahu. Their cousin on the right is tempe – one finds two sorts in most wartegs, the juicy and the dry. I alternate, depending if I am having those juicy telur.   Comparison between Tahu and Tempe | We LOVE English

As already said, I won’t divulge my warteg’s whereabouts, but it is difficult in Jakarta not to find similar eateries in almost every neighbourhood.  

Oya – my meal, and that price, included es teh manis, sweet iced tea!