More Treason in UK Schools!

Headteachers ‘keeping quiet’ about teens who may be set to join ISIS

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  • Head teachers are not informing the police about pupils they have been told may try to join jihadists in Syria because they do not want them to be criminalised, a senior prosecutor has warned.

Criminalised? It’s treason, for God’s sake!

These despicable young swine are not stealing their school-mates’ lunch-money. They are knowingly, evilly, going off to join a gang of murderous rapist savages. And not just any such pack of vermin – ISIS is engaged in undisputed war with HM Forces, not only Canadian and Australian but also the Mother Country’s.


smells-like-treaso devil destroyed ISIS


Nazir Afzal said that the leaders of two London secondary schools had told him of more than a dozen teenagers, both boys and girls, whose parents believe they have been “groomed and seduced” by Islamic State.

That very phraseology makes me wonder if the grooming gangs in English cities – who undoubtedly included ‘teenagers’  – were also given protective cover by the same kind of scum ‘head-teachers? Nobody has so far said so, but it’s a question worth asking, since these dirty rats don’t want their ‘pupils’ criminalised!.


 Nazir Afzal OBE, was the Chief Crown Prosecutor of the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) for North West England from 2011–15. He was the first Muslim to be appointed to such a position and was Britain’s most senior Muslim lawyer within the CPS. – Wikipedia


Anyone carrying a UK passport who enlists with the enemy is a traitor. In a perfect world they’d be strung up. And not only those eager to join the satanic jihadist horde. Those who, by action or subversive INaction, aid and abet their treasonous pilgrimage, are just as guilty.

Police have not been told of the families’ concerns because the state schools, one in east London and the other in west London, do not want their pupils to be placed under investigation.’ The Times

Since this Nazir is, or was till recently, a servant of British law, one hopes he will not hesitate to turn these heinous headmasters in.

devil_by_lucasgraciano-d5agjlm London school headmasters – in loco parentis?

They should be arrested and charged. Their dismissal from any educational position they hold goes without saying, and once out of prison, they should be banned from holding any position of responsibility on any level of education whatsoever

Britain is at war with IslamoNazism.

Were Nazi collaborators allowed to run schools in 1940?