Anti-Social Media – Harmless Student ‘Guilty,’ But Islamist Bigot Sites Re-Open!

So the majesty of the law unfolds before our eyes, and Florence, the young student who dared use ‘social media’ to criticise the City of Jogja, gets jail-time – suspended, apparently…


Because the Indonesian Government’s move to shut-down fanatic Islamist sites that spew out jihadist poison has been U-turned

Jakarta – Fanatics Fume at Shut-Down of Sectarian Websites! 

…after an ‘outcry!’-

Funny, that.

You’d think you might hear an ‘outcry‘ if you were out on the streets of the capital, as I have been, often, in recent days, but nary a word. You’d think you might see tense faces, twitching with indignation – nope!


Well, not counting the crowd at Grogol Halte Busway, waiting for a bus to Lebak Bulus, half an hour or near enough, whilst in that space of time, about seven buses to Kalideres came by, plus two empty vehicles which declined to stop and pick up the disgusted would-be passengers.  

Of course the IslamoNazi FPI was outraged, at the abortive ban. Their shrilling must be the bane of their neighbours’ lives, which ever part of town they live in. Amazingly, the FPI site was not on the list of those to be dealt with. 


  • But as in the West, it’s not just the cacaphonous sectarian hate-mongers who let rip when governments take concrete action against jihadist jerks.

It’s the entire left-lib establishment!

Needless to say, the Jakarta Globe editorial collective is in the forefront, though they say they want a panel to monitor such action, with ‘moderate’ Muslims on it.

fatwa mui sholeh

That will presumably exclude anyone connected with the state-sponsored ‘scholars’ of the MUI.

Islamist ‘Scholars’ – “Don’t Complain if You’re Attacked!” 

But even the JG recognises that the government’s flip-flop in this case will only send the wrong signal and strengthen radical movements, because they now know they ride the public opinion…

  • 3c1b1-get_real_big
  •  Yes, the sorry surrender will strengthen the forces of darkness here, but let’s get real..… the real public doesn’t give a monkey’s. In my local warteg, where lots of Indonesians were stopping by for lunch on my previous visits, not ONE person even mentioned it.

It’s ONLY the chattering classes ( apart from the fanatics) who, appropriately, give a monkey’s!

  • baboons

Jakarta’s (and London’s and Washington’s and Canberra’s ) chattering classes


But at least the JG has an editorial, frothing about freedom of expression. The Jakarta Post, which I’ve just also been perusing, has not, so far as I can see, given vent to an editorial stance.

Understandable, given how their own parent company, Gramedia, is still well-remembered for its own capitulation to the Islamist intolerance of the MUI and the FPI.

The Jakarta Post’s tame hacks have never yet condemned that infamous book-burning.


burning booksgramedia

Grovelling Gramedia’s BookBurning Bonanza – Appeasing Fanatics 


How could they dare publish any hypocritical mouthings on free expression today?