Voice of the Nation? Dick Off, Lineker!

The Independent’s deranged bias has rarely been so blatant as today, when they think it is objective journalism to portray a superannuated footballer as the voice of Britain.


  • idiot Summing up the nation’s mood? Independent Editor in action!
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  • Summing up the nation’s mood was Gary Lineker, who tweeted: ‘Farage is a dick…’

This arrogant oaf was apparently affronted by Farage’s disapproval of millions of pounds of UK tax-payers’ money being spent on diseased aliens.



Lineker has been getting paid by the BBC for years – as a sports commentator. 

He’s obviously no more qualified than the local street-sweeper to comment on political issues, so how come the slavering hacks at The Independent make his crass rudeness into a story?

I’d be interested to see the results of any recent poll on whether Brits think uninvited aliens are entitled to leech off the NHS.


The Independent will presumably not conduct one, and if somebody else does, they’ll either ignore it or condemn the people surveyed, the majority of whom would surely disown Flap-Jaw Lineker’s  dismay at foreign parasites being held to account.

ANY STICK, however warped the wood, to lash out at UKIP!