Easter in Jakarta – No ‘Islamophobia’ Among Persecuted Christians!

1st Image


That photo was taken last Sunday, the persecuted congregations of GKI Yasmin church and others, like the Bekasi members of HKBP, gathered for worship on the public pavement across from President Jokowi’s Palace.

Just like his predecessor, SBY – famed for his call for a worldwide blasphemy diktat to censor those who ‘insult’ religions ( though there’s little demand for such a universal censorship except from fanatics among his own co-religionists) – Jokowi has declined to order his police force to enforce the Supreme Court ruling that these innocent folk be allowed to worship in their own church buildings.

Yet he presents himself as a champion of Pancasila pluralism.


Just like the ‘moderate’ Mayor of Bogor, on whom much hope was once focused, when he succeeded his bigoted Islamist predecessor.  


bima-arya-sugiarto-ketua-dpp-pan Arya Boma


Now Mayor Arya Bima point-blank refuses to unseal GKI Yasmin’s locked gates. Worse than his predecessor, he even denies GKI Yasmin exists – which makes one wonder how the highest court in the country could grant a decree of deliverance to a church that isn’t there!

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In any event, I can give him my personal assurance they exist, because this afternoon I joined them in the baking heat for their Easter Sunday service.

The cruelty of Bima, pandering to ignorant savages who threaten violence, treating them, as if they deserve consideration in the basic principle of freedom of religion, is shameful.

But until the Government acts as if they believe in pluralism, he will get away with his intolerance. 

My aim today, however – apart from reminding you that this outrageous oppression continues – is to show a few more pictures, from today’s worship.






The broad view above, maybe you spot nothing remarkable. But the close-in pic?

Is that two Catholic nuns in old-fashioned habit?

That’s what I assumed, at first, but curious, I asked another guy with a camera.

“Oh, not so, Mister They’re Shia Muslims!”

And one of them was dashed pretty – well, they both were cute, but one shockingly so! No burka nonsense, but draped head to toe in black.

And there they were, well received on Easter Sunday by a crowd of Christians who have been treated abominably both by Islamist fanatics and by the Government which should be safeguarding their constitutional rights to worship freely in their own churches.

It sure made me think.

Yes, of course the Shia here have also suffered monstrous persecution by the authorities. 

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“If You’re Serious About Your Faith, Get To the Back of the Queue!” 


But these Easter celebrants do not respond to their shameful maltreatment by tarring good Muslims with the same brush as should be rightly applied to the IslamoNazis jihadists.

Like the two Muslim girls, they share a sense of what’s right and wrong, and want to put things right in their country.

Something of a lesson there for a lot of people. 

What a nice way it would have been to round off the sunny day out, had President Jokowi emerged from that Palace you can see in the background, sauntered across the road.

How gladsome, had he come and told them that, as Commander-in-Chief, he was going to issue prompt orders to every soldier and police officer in the archipelago to open up those churches and minority mosques –  or guard their reconstruction where they have been destroyed by ignorant Sunni bigots.

But it didn’t happen.

The searing heat of the afternoon was balanced by a chill of indifference emanating from the shuttered palace.