Imagine Having to Rely on The Independent for Honest Reporting! More Anti-UKIP Cr#p!

Imagine having to take your GCSE French exam every time you went to France.




That is what anyone wanting to enter the UK should face – but in English of course – according to a Ukip candidate fighting to become an MP at the election.

When I lived in the UK, I often went to France, along with hundreds of thousands of other people, by the good old Dover-Calais ferries  –




– and a couple of times by Eurostar, under the Channel. Needless to say, none of us were subjected to language tests.

Nor is the candidate even suggesting such a thing for foreign day-trippers or other tourists, or business people coming into Britain.

Keith Fraser – a dashed fine chap; see UK’s Teen Rats – Deradicalisation? No, Deportation…Or Death! 


Keith Fraser is the UKIP man held up for ridicule by what the editor of the ranting rag seems to think is journalism. Some pinko named Matt Dathan is the hack responsible, and he has absolutely no excuse for his totally misleading intro to the Shrilldependent’s latest mendacious smear.


All through the rest of the article, Mr. Fraser is quoted at length, and it is glaringly obvious that he’s talking about IMMIGRANTS – and NOT anyone else wanting to enter the UK.

The media in the Old Country is making much of UKIP’s slippage in the polls.

Certainly they’ve done all they can to damage the People’s Party, but if Grub Street is stooping to this latest imbecilic  level, one must assume they lack confidence in the efficaciousness of their slurs and smears.