Viva Maria! Don’t Forget Venezuela’s Red Terror!

 Maria, victim of marxist thuggery


Just watched part of Hard Talk on BBC, an interview with Mara Corina Machado, a feisty female indeed, who made the most of her opportunity to let the world know of the brutal marxist regime’s misdeeds against Venezuela.

For evidence of her assertions, we need hardly look further than what happened when she herself stood up in the country’s National Assembly to denounce Castro’s comrades who currently misrule in Caracas.

A pack of red hoodlums jumped her and she ended up badly hurt – but not silenced.


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Chavez was a very nasty little thug himself, just like his Cuban mentor.

But his heirs are no better.

Had America not failed the Cuban people by withholding air support from those heroes on the Bay of Pigs, there’d be a democratic government today in Havana.

Mendacious Michael Moore and the Heroic ‘Wimps’ He Slandered 

 God knows Obama will lift not a finger to back up Venezuelans trying to rescue their country from its present travails.



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But at least those of us overseas who understand the evil of communism should give as much moral support as possible to the liberation forces.

Viva Maria!