Gangsters in Jakarta – Friends and Foes…



It’s Sunday morning, I’m newly woken, and it’s bright and beautiful again, just begging me to go out and enjoy another walkabout. Which direction should I take today? 

However, first a thought or two about another news item I spotted while the ironing was being done yesterday!

Maybe not the first time I’ve been disappointed by the Jakarta Globe’s coverage of the news, but SURELY they have, if not a correspondent, at least a stringer in Berlin? Their magnate owner is a billionaire, I hear, so the travel budget must be fat!

If not, they do have telephones in their offices, so they could still have sought a comment from Fauzi Bowo, ex-Governor of Jakarta and currently Indonesia’s Ambassador to Germany.




His Excellency, after all, was instrumental in inviting the FBR to play a key role in Jakarta’s Sea Games a few years ago…

Jakarta Governor’s SEA Games ‘Helpers’ Launch Arson Attack on Rival Gang 

… when the gangster group’s reputation was much the same as it is today.


Well, this week we read that a brave citizen stood up to a hundred hoodlums, after a traffic incident involving his car and a vehicle containing the alleged leader of the Forum Betawi Rempug.




The FBR purports to speak for the Betawi, the ‘original’ Jakarta people, who are very much a minority in the capital, but some of whom still think, and act, as if they own the place.

The majority of Betawi are perfectly normal folk, but the loud-mouth lout element tends to be bigotedly sectarian too, which makes them even more obnoxious. FBR Bigots Threaten Jakarta Church 


FBR dikaret bivak‘Fauzi with friends


Fauzi Bowo’s rapport with these brutes was very well documented during his gubernatorial term. Catch up on our previous posts on this outfit here..So I Missed the Gandaria Gang-Fight!  and here…FBR? Fauzi Bowo Ragu? Tidak! Why Won’t Jakarta’s Governor Disown Thug Support? 

Oh, and on the general subject of gangster activity in Jakarta, don’t miss THIS…

Right On, Ratna! Activist’s All-Out Attack on IslamoNazis 

As for the latest incident, no need for me to recount all the details – just read the report in the JG.