Panic on Verandah – Islamists Rant At ‘Missionary’ Menace’

Just got back from a most pleasant day out, no serious walking this weekend, but a loooong Busway trip to Pasar Minggu, in the Deep South of Jakarta. There I managed to spend time with not just one but two friends, one after the other, who have both been quite ill but are happily showing distinct signs of recovery.
Stopped in the warteg on my way home, a very decent meal for $1.50 plus a big smile from my fave waitress, so a day well-spent!
Now ready to relax, but first a bit of less pleasant news which occurred last month – want to get it posted before it becomes old news. It’s important people here and overseas understand that some things are not getting any nicer in a certain part of the country we’ve mentioned many times already. , 
The Sharia Hell of Aceh!

The Sharia Hell of Aceh!

Oh dear!
The frightened fanatics up there in Aceh are in mob-rule mode again.
So lacking in confidence are they of the steadfastness of their fellow-citizens’ religious convictions that they are demanding an NGO be shut down –  for fear of ‘Christianisation!’
Vicious hoodlum action by savages is hardly anything new in the province that likes to style itself the ‘Verandah of Mecca.’
We recorded the brutal murder by primitives of innocent men who had the audacity to think for themselves a year or two ago…
a mob attacked the home of an Islamic cleric that it accused of deviant teachings. The cleric and one of his followers were killed, as was one of the attackers.
In the aftermath of the violence, police named the followers as suspects, and took no action against the attackers. 
Aceh – Shariah Reigns, Injustice Flourishes 
… and we know just how deranged the Islamist ruling clique can be in their attitude towards religious minorities. Islamist Inquisition in Aceh – ” Minority Religious Creed ‘Worse Than Tsunami!’ “
But now the IslamoNazi FPI is on the scene and invoking the word of an apostate to justify their menaces against Sa-Dec, an NGO which is ‘disturbing’ locals, allegedly, by offering them jobs and financial support.

fpi kill busddhist FPI display religious tolerance


The white-shirt gangster group showed up mob-handed at the district HQ of the  Ulama Consultative Assembly (MPU) urging them to immediately freeze Sabang Development Committee (Sa-Dec)
Interestingly, this sectarian rabble were received not only by the office-bearers of the MPU but also by representatives of the police, not just the shariah goon-squad WH but the regular police.
Aceh's Sharia Gestapo in Action shariah goon-squad with captured women
One is reminded of how regular police handled that mob-murder mentioned in that paragraph above…but let that pass.
The frantic fanatics had the gall to issue an ultimatum – if their demands are not met by 13th April, they’ll join with pesantren ‘scholars’ ( you wonder how these ‘Islamic boarding school’ layabouts manage to squeeze in ‘study’ between bigot demos) to undertake a mass demonstration.
The FPI’s Sabang Gauleiter, Darmawi, claimed Sa-Dec had been troubling the people of Sabang with the lure of jobs and money. That was when the whines about ‘proselytizing missions’ began.
Apparently something called ‘Interwoven LM Love’ is on the scene, which sounds like fun but  is up to no good, according to the FPI’s source,  a turncoat pastor named Ustaz Igusti Ilham Rahmadani. An apostate and already an Ustad (cleric) – a rapid riser, obviously!
Therefore, in order to prevent them generating Christianizing missionary work, the FPI and KPA (an allied body) urged the Sabang MPU immediately to withdraw consent and at the same freeze Sa Dec, as done in other districts / municipalities.
But alas and alack!
The Chairman of  Sabang MPU said he’d no such authority. They can only make recommendations to the government.
That means the Provincial Government of Aceh, so I suspect the NGO’s days are numbered.
Still, it will be interesting to see if the fanatics can comply with the MPU’s request for complete data and evidence in writingno doubt they will, given the nasty intimidation practiced by ‘clerics’ in West Java a few years ago. 
devil destroyed ‘We will not pray for you!’
Desperate to stop a Christian church being opened, they circulated a sectarian petition.
One brave Muslim resident revealed that the ‘holy men’ had threatened not to pray at their funerals if they failed to cooperate; the majority of his neighbors signed the document under duress.
Men of God, indeed, bullying villagers thus to make them toe the bigot line!
Given the malevolent character of those opposed to freedom of religion, we have little grounds for optimism.
It’s dark up north.