Democracy – Thriving in Springfield, Dying in Dublin?

A wonderful result in Springfield, Missouri, where citizens voted down in a free and fair referendum one of those nonsense ‘anti-discrimination’ local laws, which their effete city councillors sought to impose on them.

A slim but clear majority  –  51.4 percent of voters  – slapped down the arrogant left-lib council, which had added sexual orientation and gender identity to a nondiscrimination plan that already existed.

My only concern? That the majority was not higher.

But look at Eire. The equally effete elite in Dublin has run amok, fair play gone out the window, media overtly deploring the idea of providing an equal hearing to both sides in the imminent referendum on ‘gay’ so-called ‘marriage.

Frankly, I hadn’t been paying much attention to that far-away fracas, but had been reasonably impressed by the fact that, unlike Craven Cur Cameron in the UK, the ruling class in Dublin had been obliged to consult the people.

But after reading the article linked here – it becomes clear that the snob media has turned its back on democratic values.



The Irish Times openly abhors the very idea of balanced reporting, which, it claims, represents  ‘a skewed view of what balance is’, These media creeps reckon that allowing ‘Middle Ireland,’ ‘the mainstream,’or ‘the silent majority,’ a platform for their views is a bad idea.


elite arrogance-s


‘The only consequence of such ‘polarised conversations’ is that ‘facts and reason are drowned out by emotional arguments and controversies.’

And it ain’t just the gaystapo media, but a pack of shrill shrinks, who deem even allowing democratic debate is bad for the poor queers’ psyches!

What a sick society, where democratic decision-making on key constitutional and moral decisions is transformed into a phoney war fought under unwritten rules based on pinko prejudice.