Hell Mend You! Cameron’s Curs Consorting With Evil!

A shocker of a story, told, to its credit, by the Telegraph, about an evil Islamist outfit calling itself ‘Mend.’


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  • ‘Mend,’ which recently held an event in Parliament attended by at least ten Labour and Conservative MPs  is infested with vile jihadists who hate everything Britain stands for. Loathing of democracy, applause for murdering members of UK armed forces, allegiance to shariah iniquity – it’s all there and I invite you to read it for yourselves.
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  • enemy-within
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  • Okay, we all know there are seditious sectarian swine around the British Isles, whom the pussy-footing establishment allows to spread their poison.

But what we DIDN’T know is that leading members of both the Tory and Labour Parties have been hanging out with these vermin. 


Lynton Crosby, the Conservative campaign director, has attended Mend events.


Tory sources said Mr Crosby wanted nothing further to do with Mend and did not know why the group was approved to hold a fringe meeting.

Well, he wouldn’t, would he?

 DIDN’T know why?

Come on, the entire UK media has been featuring Crosby as the brains behind Cameron’s campaigning.

If he doesn’t know, he should be fired. If he won’t say, he should be fired.

But then demands for his dismissal would only make sense if we are misled into thinking he acts without Cameron’s knowledge and approval. 




However, the party did not respond to questions about Mend’s claim to be in “negotiations” with its leadership.





Well, perhaps Cameron feels absolved of any guilt in consorting with filth, given his Labour fore-runner in 10 Downing Street.