Where Do Scum Scare Poppy-Selling Kids, Yet Walk Free from Court!

What the hell is wrong with  this man?

I don’t mean Adelo Saws, a foul primitive who terrified a 12-year-old cadet selling poppies, but the ‘District Judge’ who let the sectarian pig trot free from a Derby court.

It’s a matter of intense regret that a search for photos of either the swine or the court clown turned up a likeness of neither!

So citizens who accost these examples of

A – intolerable intolerance and

B -unfathomable ineptitude

(and I’m putting it mildly in both cases!) will not recognise them to administer the appropriate level of rebuke.


However,here’s my idea of what Saws looks like..




…And guess who this might be?idiot.


So how come, after recent light-hearted posts, am I incandescent about this story?

Just read the Mirror link!