Bangers and Freudian Slips – Anti-UKIP Media Obsession

So the great sausage roll scandal sizzles briefly then fizzles out.


But the enormous coverage given to this nonsense by the UK media is surely a much better story. Similarly with how they scrabble for vacuous voices to maintain their hue and cry against patriotism.

In a more rational era, respectable newspapers, during election time, would feature useful insights to the political scene form people who might actually know something.

A distinguished elder statesman, perhaps, or a venerable academic, an Oxbridge don, who had spent his life authoring weighty tomes on the constitution.



Those were the days! 

Nowadays, The Independent (although one might hesitate to call it a respectable newspaper) allots a chunk of its election pages to a flap-jawed fool named Russell Brand, a ‘comedian’ who’s not remotely funny, but whose deep insights into politics do tend to make you grimace.

  • His latest jibe against the crippled Stephen Hawkings  ‘I can knock Stephen Hawking out of his wheelchair!’ illustrates his level of ‘wit.’
  • Who’s laughing?
  • However, the more coverage this unkempt yob gets, the more his realities were bound to emerge – as anti-UKIP bile tumbles from his spittle-flecked lips, a Freudian slip. He reveals himself for what he is. As reported –

“…if your life isn’t connected to doing things that don’t have any value, [you] feel empty and feel lost…”

Of course it may simply be that his command of grammar left him lost and/or empty, but if we take him at his word, we must conclude that he thinks it bad, sad and inadequate  – empty and lost, as he puts it, if you aren’t ‘connected to doing things that don’t have any value.’

Read carefully. That clearly means that you NEED to be connected to things that don’t have any value.

Like The Independent? Otherwise, you’re empty and lost? 

However, at least he concludes on a personally contented note. 

He also said that after spending his life working towards becoming famous, “you think it’s better where you started.”




We all start our journey through life as toddlers, and he’s certainly retained a remarkable level of immaturity!