God Bless Her – Queen Slaps Down Arrogant Aliens!

That photo above epitomises the alien evil allowed into Western countries. 
NOW, words we’ve waited to hear!
Quote from HM The Queen  –
“It is obvious that when a society accepts a lot of people from the outside, one must also set the requirement that they understand where they have come.
We will make space [for them], but they have come to our society and they can therefore not expect that their old societal models can just be carried on in our country…”
Royal words rich with wisdom, that must make every single one of Her Majesty’s loyal subjects rejoice!
“They can go to the mosque when they want – anything else would be unreasonable – but when they begin to do things that aren’t consistent with the overarching patterns of Danish society, they must realize that that will not do,” she added. 
Yeah, Three Cheers for the Queen of Denmark!
Brits,Canadians, Aussies – keep your ears pinned back.
We too need to hear a declaration of regal solidarity.