Enemy Within Captures Another US Campus

Four undesirable louts at Eastern Michigan University perfectly displayed their contempt for American values last week, by preventing students enjoyment of a great American movie.


The Enemy Within quartet were arrested when they disrupted the on-campus screening of American Sniper, but ludicrously, instead of being expelled from university, they were released without charge!

Their sectarian celluloid jihad was then further rewarded by the cancellation of the scheduled second showing of the Clint Eastwood hit film! EMU’s excuses are available on the two links at the end of this post.

They’re SO pusillanimous.


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As we have noted before  it’s not only a very watchable war movie but intensely patriotic. That’s why Un-American brats like  Ahmed Abbas, Layali Alsadah, Jenna Hamed, and Sabreen Dari hate it.

I loved it!

My Wallow In The Swamp of Moral Depravity!

The point of course is that –

A  –  they’re entitled to hate it. Nobody would dream of forcing them to watch their scumbag heroes being taken out by a fine marksman serving his country well.


B – they’re also entitled to seek peacefully to persuade other people not to watch it. They are at liberty to whine tearfully that it shows enemies of civilsation being put down.

Given the quality of many USA college administrators, they might find that approach achieves their censorship demands most adequately. EMU caved – there’s an email address to tell them what you think of their appeasement of IslamoNazi hooliganism-  

Want to give EMU President Susan Martin a piece of your mind? You can do so at 734.487.2211, or via email HERE.

This is hardly a unique case. Missouri – Bigot Bint Demands Campus Censorship! 

What these toe-rages are NOT entitled to do is disrupt the free choice of dozens of other students who for whatever reason opted to watch it.

By doing so, they have demonstrated that they are unfit to be in higher education. Special needs schools might be more appropriate.

And they are clearly better off living in the sort of cess-pool country where jihadist terror is glorified.


out with them


Expulsion from both EMU and the USA would be a most commendable course of action.

Protesters arrested after disrupting ‘American Sniper’ showing at Eastern Michigan University