Irate Islamist Fuhrer Demands Blank ID Cards!

Good old again, a source of interesting reports, tells us that the Fuhrer of the IslamoNazi FPI (self-styled ‘Defenders of Islam’) is beside himself at the Minister of Home Affairs, Tjahjo Kumolo.

If I had the remotest interest in Der Fuhrer’s well-being, I’d be concerned for him, so often is he in a state if rage and fury – such stress is bad for any man.

But Muhammad Rizieq Shihab (aka Habib Rizieq, who stepped down last year but seems to have bobbed up again!) has a new bee in his Arabesque white bonnet this week – ID cards!

This is hardly a new controversy. It’s been covered before, right here on RRA, notably when we recorded another IslamoNazi’s outrage.

One of their most unpleasant intolerants, Munarman, hit a logical nadir when he said it was “stupid, linking the religion column in the ID card with the practice of one’s religion.  

He was reacting to the neat point scored by Jakarta Govenor Ahok, who’d noted that corrupt officials who had their religion listed on ID cards merely brought their religion into disrepute.

But there’s another aspect, that of the sectarian bigotry entrenched in local government administration against religious minorities.


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Do I hear readers chorus ‘NUTS!’




We did get some more sense on the subject from Ahok, who pointed out that even ‘Malaysia Truly Arabia’ doesn’t force sectarianism on its citizens via their ID cards – so why should Indonesia?. 


There’s no need for any mention of creed on the KTP (that’s the Indonesian term for these identity cards people need to do just about anything.)

So if the story is accurate, all credit to Tjohjo – amid a sea of disappointments, it’s good to note that at least one ministry is prepared to use common sense even at the risk of angering jihadist jerks.

But actually it sounds like it may or may not be really on the cards!

Much ado about nothing?

We’ll see. 

But what little notion of rational debate ever tinged FPI thinking has clearly drifted altogether away, given the fanatic fuhrer’s concluding blast at Tjohjo’s reform.

“If the reason for removing the religion column in the ID card is the” Potential for Discrimination,” then simply make ID cards without Gender, Date of Birth, Address…even without a name…            So create a blank ID card!”

He is planning to look to the DPR (Parliament) to subvert Tjahjo’s great leap forward.

The sad thing is, he may not be disappointed!.