‘Soccer Threatens Virginity?’ Say Thanks to Hogwash Hallak!



A round of applause, please, for Omar Hallak, a pig-ignorant principal of what purports to be a school in the west of Melbourne.

The clown has caused uproar – not for the first time – with reports that he’s banned his female students from both cross-country runs and soccer. 

Amazingly ( ! ) it’s an ‘Islamic school,’ named Al-Taqwa College, in Truganina, and the ban is said to have been imposed because the daft old berk reckons participation in these sports may cause them to lose their virginity.

Girls at Islamic school banned from running over virginity fears: report

Greater risk at the post-match parties, I’d have thought!

 Before contemplating this hare-brained geezer’s latest gaffe, take a mo to ponder his similarly astute in-put on world affairs, when he reportedly told some students IS was backed by western countries as part of a plot to control Middle Eastern oil supplies.

Victoria’s Education Minister reasonably enough described the fool’s frothing as ‘reckless and dangerous.Islamic State ‘a plot by the west’, says principal



But consider –

Islamist indoctrination is of course regrettable, but MOST youngsters – whether or not they get force-fed Hallak’s hogwash – are not going to gather in the play-ground or wander home after school discussing religion or politics.

Propaganda does not match fun on the list of teen top-ten conversation topics. Resentment over the dork’s decree must have stimulated serious discussion among its victims -see the link for how they feel! 

So the imbecilic interdict against the sports which these girls enjoy will do MUCH more than  ANY so-called ‘de-radicalisation’ programmes to turn them RIGHT OFF backward, bigoted, bone-headed sectarianism.



Hats Off To Hallak!