The Anti-ANZAC Cancer in Australia!

As Australia observes Anzac Day….



……..lest we forget…


For us, as Muslims, nationalism is a prohibited matter, whether it be Australian nationalism or Turkish, American or Egyptian.

By extension, so too are nationalistic celebrations.

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Okay, understood, so these filthy fanatics care nothing for Australia.

A ban makes sense, just as it does to many other governments, including Muslim governments, across the globe.

That’s one’s initial reaction to Hizbut Tahrir’s statement. Then you read on..

Further, from the Muslim perspective, the Gallipoli campaign represents an aggression by allied troops against the legitimate Islamic authority of the time, the Uthmani Khilafah. If we were to commemorate anything, it would be the successful defence of Muslim territories by the Muslim soldiers of the Khilafah.

A ban is not enough for treason. Arrest, and then expulsion, are the only appropriate responses, in the absence of the death penalty.


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The HT weasel on that link reminds me of Communists in the old days, unable to respond when confronted with the truth that their ‘party of the working class’ used tanks to crush workers’ resistance.

There’s not much difference between Hizbut Tahrir and the Communists – both evil, and incapable of honest arguments in defence of their hypocrisy.

Ban them? Or kick them out? Or put them down? 

Treason should be a capital offence. Certainly, HT  aren’t fit to live in Australia, or any civilised country. 

Ah, yes, the pinkos say, but they’re talking about events a hundred years ago. But I’m quoting their words of a year ago…and on that Lateline link…


And HT are not alone in their treachery.


Take a look at this pig, and read the link, though you surely know all about it already.Melbourne men arrested over alleged Anzac Day terror plot

And here’s somebody trotting out their excuse for treason –

Young Australians are joining terror groups because their “blood is boiling” at domestic persecution and international atrocities committed by the West, a local Muslim leader has warned.

The first thing to note is who this ‘leader’ happens to be.

It’s Keysar Trad, founder of the Islamic Friendship Association!


  •   Trad
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    • Many of his remarks are distasteful and appear to condone violence.  I’m satisfied that the plaintiff does hold views which can properly be described as racist. I’m also satisfied that he encourages others to hold those views.  In particular he holds views derogatory of Jewish people.   The views which he holds would not be acceptable to most right-thinking Australians.”. As reported in the following news item, “Keysar Trad Loses Defamation Case”, from July 31, 2009:


  • He’s surfaced in RRA before, but just a quick glance at that dishonourable mention makes it clear his opinions are worth something less than a gob of spittle.

Secondly, any ‘persecution,’ aka investigation, is an understandable consequence of these young Australians‘ supranational allegiance, which should have NO hold on LOYAL Australians. 

Such a seditious mentality is near identical to the home-grown Communists who betrayed their countries during the Cold War. 

  • And the same goes for jihadism!
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  • As we’ve said before, ideology, whether ‘religious’ or ‘political,’ may NEVER be understood to trump duty to Queen and Country.
  • The fact that Germany and Italy were Protestant or Catholic nations was quite rightly no matter to the Aussie and Kiwi, or Brit or Canadian soldiers, sailors and airmen who went off to war in 1914-18 or 1939-45.

It’s truly disgusting that these traitorous brats today think that sharing a creed with aliens with whom their own country is at war gives them any cause for their blood to boil.

If sectarian solidarity outweighs patriotism then they are undesirable aliens, not Young Australians at all.




They should be expelled from Australia, and any other nation their treacherous presence pollutes.

Obviously, our criticism does not apply to all Muslims, or to most Muslims.

According to a survey quoted in this link….

… EIGHTY PERCENT of Muslims in Oz are responsible citizens.

Only twenty percent empathise with the enemy….  a recent study that found one in five Australian Muslims think terrorists have legitimate grievances. 

So jihadist rats are NOT representative of decent Muslims.

One would hope not – after all, most Muslims probably migrated to Oz, at least in part, to get away from the backward and unjust shariah codes imposed on almost every Middle Eastern and North African country.


Tarek Tarek=

A Muslim Voice of Reason – Khadr May Return, IF………!!!! 

There must be thousands of excellent Australian Muslims, the Antipodean version of heroic Canadian Muslims like Tarek Fateh, whose famous exhortation to Killer Khadr we have recorded before.

“First of all, he must renounce jihad and the application of jihad and sharia law. Secondly, he must renounce his father’s work in jihad.”Witch-Hunt In America – Against A Muslim Patriot! 


But that 20% are worse than worthless. Why waste millions on ‘de-radicalisation’ of fifth columnists instead of rounding them up for deportation – that Trad, for a start, along with Hizbut Tahrir.