Why Is Oberlin College Infested With Retards?


Not so long an outing as usual, a little lazy today, but time to hit Superindo supermarket on Jalan Panjang. Discounts on ice-cream (durian/choc flavour) and those nice big cartons of milk, about Rp.4000 cheaper than elsewhere.

But the beer has been moved to the new shariah-lite section, a kind of sin-bin area away from the regular shelves. As if even seeing the stuff might subvert the morals of shoppers.

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  • Still, there’s pork available. So not as bad as the Superindo in Meruya, where piggy products had been removed altogether last time I dropped by a few months ago.




Anyway, home – via the warteg for a spot of lunch – just as twilight is starting to gather, and to an amazing story about a once-distinguished American academic institution, which is now evidently infested with retards.

I know that PC twits don’t like that noun (which of course is why I use it)  but let’s use their left-lib lingo then, and describe these appalling asses as ‘people with learning difficulties.’


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  • Speaking of appalling asses, here’s a picture of two ‘women’ students from the story, and they do indeed seem not only to be, but also to have such things!

These lissom lovelies set up a ‘safe space’ for any brain-dead bints unable to cope with the horror of listening to opinions that don’t match their prejudices.


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  • I reckon few normal students would enter such a sturdily ‘gate-keepered’ zone, but given the dull-witted calibre of the anguished protests – the morons can’t even spell ‘participant!’ – no doubt the muscular pair would not lack company. 

Unlike the smartly-turned out and very smart conservative, Christina Hoff Sommers…

…, whose mere appearance on campus caused something like nervous break-downs all over the place. And  for even better insights into these ignoramesses, try this link. 


The writer of that piece was present and tried to reason with one of the dorkettes. To no avail.