Millions To Swarm Europe? ‘Don’t Fight Back,’ Says Mad Moon!

I imagine most of us feel sorry for the poor Nepalese victims of the earthquake, just as we were horrified by the tsunamis in Japan and here in Indonesia.
So many innocent people’ lives were lost in those awful disasters they had no part in causing.
But the illegals in the sea between Africa and Europe, aboard vessels seeking to force their way onto shores they had no right to approach? Primitive sectarians murdering each other on board, before they even get within reach of defenceless Italians? 
Gimme a break! 
“There is no military solution to the human tragedy playing out in the Mediterranean,” Ban said. 
The arrogant Korean clown had been asked about a proposal by Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi to “capture and destroy” the boats that traffickers use…
So even when Renzi takes a tepid step in the right direction, he gets slapped down by an upstart who shows his ignorance by his weasel words
“It is crucial that we take a holistic approach that looks at the root causes, at security and the human rights of migrants and refugees, and have legal and regulated immigration networks.”
The ROOT CAUSE?   The EUSSR has hindered the prompt deportation of these crimmigrants, thus luring many more to chance their luck. And Brussels is up to its neck in a grand design to submerge Europe in a multicultural swamp!

SECURITY? That’s the right of sovereign nations to defend their borders against alien hordes drawn to other peoples’ welfare benefits like bugs to a honey-pot. 

 HUMAN RIGHTS?? European governments’ first and foremost duty is to defend the rights of their own citizens, and that includes the right NOT to have their taxes plundered by parasites.


  • illegals-45735984408
  • LEGAL AND REGULATED  IMMIGRATION NETWORKS? Each and every country has immigration rules. Decent people wishing to gain entry to a country respect those rules and regulations. They neither lie, nor gate-crash. To allow any such undesirables to gain residence is a callous affront to fair play, to all the honest applicants who fill in the forms and wait their turn.
Even the EUSSR has such rules, aka the Dublin Agreement, which means the voyagers on bludger-boats must be kept within the borders of the first land they reach.
But Moon seems to think their snouts should be directed into the tax-troughs of other countries too. And the uppity wasters on those boats are NOT seeking ‘asylum,’ at all. If they were, that first land would suffice. Instead, the same report tells us that  –
Many do not intend to stay in Italy!’
And why might that be?
Italy’s nice, Italians are nice, Italian weather is nicer than the UK’s or Sweden’s or Germany’s.
But the three countries mentioned above are bountiful with benefits for alien wasters.
Who the hell do these swine think they are?
Nobody gives a sh@t what they intend, or want, or are scheming to get.
out with them
They have no right to be in Europe at all.
And it’s time to make that clear. If even lefty Renzi in Rome has begun to grasp that truth, there’s hope.
But then up pops that UN twit to tell that there’s No military solution to boat migrant crisis .
Oh yeah?
Tell that to the Australians, whose tough tactics have quashed the crimmigrant cargo crisis – though, to be fair, Oz does need more deportations.
Mad Moon’s gotta get the message!
Or more candidly, get stuffed. 
But whilst chasing the link to the story I’d seen earlier, I came across a telling sight. Or sites.
This international ignoramus is guilty of endlessly dissing effective action – just about EVERYWHERE!
  1. What next?
  2. If North Korea attacks his homeland, will the pusillanimous peacenik get on the blower to Seoul with orders to ‘lay down your arms?’
  3. Sadly, the answer is probably yes.
  4. More sadly still, Brussels’ shilly-shallying over the urgent need for military action, according to the EurocRats themselves, will never advance from verbal gymnastics to deeds without UN permission.
  5. God save Europe!