Mississauga School Menace – Devious Deviant Delights in Deceit!

Here’s a rude awakening for any parent in Mississauga, Ontario, who imagines that teachers respect their right to know what poisonous propaganda is fed into young minds.

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  • A shocking report from a conference held by queers – the Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity — has exposed one sly lesbian’s underhand tactics. 


Her name’s Alicia Gunn – would you want your child brain-washed by the likes of her?


When asked by one of the workshop attendees if she first asks parents’ permission before bringing homosexual issues up in class, Gunn responded that she does not, but she makes sure to teach her students about numerous social justice issues so that no parent can accuse her of focusing on homosexuality, which she said she likes to “hide” in her lessons.



Canadian schools, if they’re all like hers, have become cess-pools. Alarmed by the little ones’ perfectly normal distaste for homosexuality, she embarked on a sedulous scheme of moral subversion.

Listen to her triumphalist rant. 

Gunn mocked the parents for failing to realize just how extensive are pro-LGBTQ issues in the classroom and curriculum.

“And it’s not one day a year,” she said. “If you don’t want to send your kid to school on the Day of Pink, that’s OK….




….But they’re going to get it all the days before. They would have got it in September, and they’re going to get it after. So, one day? We’re not about one day.”

This evil aberrant has no shame; she even boasts of her duplicity.

I find if you teach all the ‘isms,’ it kind of backs you,” she said. “If I teach all the isms, and sometimes I can hide it a little bit in the math, and what I mean is I can say, ‘I’m just teaching your kid about division. I’m so sorry that you, you know, feel that way,” she said, causing the room of educators to break into laughter.  https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/lesbian-i-use-math-class-to-teach-young-kids-about-homosexuality-so-i-can-h?utm_

Blatant contempt for decent moms and dads! Read every word of that LSN link – and it also gives you access to an audio recording of some of Gunn’s grotesque diatribe.

NB – LSN were asked to stop filming, so the pervert lobby clearly still has its worries that enough parents will be alerted to what’s being done to their kids.


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