Juncker's Jackboot – Brussels Bullies Hungary, Again!

A disgusting display by Jackboot Juncker on tv last night, telling Hungarians they don’t dare decide for themselves on the death penalty.  


jean-claude-juncker-2006- Jackboot Juncker

Viktor Orban Viktor-Orban-006

Jean-Claude Juncker slaps down Hungary’s plans for death penalty

In actual fact, PM Viktor Orban only said the issue should be discussed, and that, after all, is what democracy is all about. 

After all the ado over the Indonesian executions, it would be remiss of any country not to consider whether and when and how capital punishment ought to be administered.




The EUSSR, however, doesn’t care for democracy, nor for sovereignty.

Its arrogance is such that it even seeks to interfere in the internal affairs of nations outwith its own subjugated membership.



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  • Regrettably, Orban has not responded as he should to this notorious liar’s intrusion into Hungary’s democratic debate. – “The Hungarian government has no plans to take any steps to introduce the death penalty,” so it seems.
  • That’s a pity, because the current concerns arose after a 21-year-old clerk was brutally murdered in southwestern Hungary, causing wide public condemnation.   
  •  http://sputniknews.com/politics/20150501/1021589506.html#ixzz3YrQbWkL8
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  • That’s exactly why we need to get the issue discussed clearly – there are obviously crimes which merit death.
  • I have more than once wished President Jokowi had substituted the word jihadists for drug-dealers when he asked those high school students his famous question.
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  • Do you all agree that drug dealers must be executed?” The students replied in unison: “Agree!”
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  • There’s no doubt at all that Indonesians favour the principle of the death penalty.
  • Jokowi, alas, has been playing pick’n’mix in applying it.
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  • It would have been much better for his country, and the world at large, if the terrorists in prisons here had been taken out and shot dead this week, rather than those men in the news.
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  • ===========bali_bombers Bali Pigs
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  • Just as when Indonesia executed the Bali Bomb Pigs, everyone would have cheered, and the hand-wringing hypocrites in Brussels would have maintained an embarrassed silence.  
  • Well, maybe not all of them!
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  • Today’s ‘EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs,’ that ex?-communist, Federica Mogherini, had she been in office then, might well have spoken up for the terrorists.
  • She’s a big fan – remember?
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  • The High Representative with one of the lowest of the lowlifesooooooooooo