Arogansi Dosen Melbourne – Dasar Bego Diskriminator!

What a bloody disgrace!

 TRIBUN-TIMUR.COM is probably not the only Indonesia media source reporting that some A-hole academic in Melbourne punished innocent Indonesian students to assuage his inordinate anger after the drug-smugglers were executed last week.


  •  Oldmeadow
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When I was teaching English in Jakarta, I taught many young people who hoped to continue their education in Australia. Since I was their teacher, it was not my place to impose my political or religious views on them.


But sometimes we’d stage a debate for older teens, and it was very clear they were for the most part pleasant and fair-minded youngsters, excellent ambassadors for their country, uncontaminated with the fanatic drivel that afflicts the undesirable minority here.

It’s exactly that sort of student who got kicked in the teeth by obnoxious Oldmeadow’s spiteful outburst.

“…I would like to express grief, sadness, anger as an Australian and human being. I choose to do so by (a) stating my objections in the class, and (b) to say that I would ask for Indonesian students to not attend my class.”




Shame on this arrogant bego!

Frankly, I’d not have believed this story to be genuine, but I checked out overseas media and sure enough, it’s true. The clown has since been shamed into an equivocating apology, but if Swinburne University wishes to preserve its reputation, he needs to be dismissed.  

A spokeswoman for Swinburne told Daily Mail Australia the university ‘treats all student complaints seriously and is formally investigating this matter.’

We must wait and see.



Meantime, Indonesian readers please note, DECENT Australians are as disgusted as I am by Oldmeadow.