UK’s Unbalanced Amnesty AgitProp Outfit – Anyone But Jews?

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Always more at ease after some agreeable company, but I had a lot to do around this modest dwelling today, so blogging had to take a back-seat until domestic SNAFUs are resolved.
However, we need to look at Amnesty International, whose annual conference in the UK has thrown out, by 468 votes to 461, a demand that the organisation campaign against the Islamist-stoked resurgence of Nazi-style anti-Semitism in Britain.
Studies show violent anti-Semitic attacks rose 48 percent in Britain in 2014. The resolution was the only one defeated during the entire conference.
And yet their own mission statement claims that Amnesty is a “worldwide movement of people campaigning to protect human rights… Around the world we protect people and communities who come under attack.”
We all know who is behind the attacks on Jews, in Britain, and Europe and around the world. Outside the lunatic fringes of British politics…

Green candidate calls Israel ‘racist and apartheid state’

…there are no native British nazi think-alikes to be seen.
 Why is anyone surprised when Amnesty recoils from this call to arms?