Ayo, Indonesia – Boikot Swinburne, Kecuali Si Bego Dipecat!

I see a media storm is breaking over that overbearing ass in Melbourne. 


  •   University of Swinburne’s Dr. Julian Oldmeadow


No wonder – it’s been much of the day since I heard of his infantile tantrum and I’m still simmering. His bullying of young students will fuel the xenophobes in Indonesia, who never need much fuelling, but still welcome new opportunities to exacerbate tensions.

It’s easy to bark back at the clown Oldmeadow. All bloggers bark, but how about some PRACTICAL steps in response?

So I’ve been thinking.

Having read what he surely doesn’t believe anyone will see as a meaningful apology – it’s riddled with an evidently engrained determination to push his own prejudice down everyone else’s throat – it seems to me that his employers should be faced with a clear choice.

Stop trying to get their paws on the big bucks they earn by recruitment of Indonesian students …


Show Swinburne is serious about welcoming young people from this rather nice country by dismissing the bully and hiring somebody more tolerant of other points of view.

So how about sending them a message? Email contacts galore here- http://www.swinburne.edu.au/contacts-campuses/contact/

Just say what you think of Oldmeadow, tell them they should fire the fool, and advise them that Indonesians do not enrol in foreign colleges to be treated like lepers by jumped-up babblers.


Not that Swinburne is the only culprit.

One of my commenters has brought my attention to the Australian Catholic University’s sudden establishment of ‘scholarships,’ to honour the dead drug-smugglers. Surely a novel concept of ‘martyrdom’  – even PM Abbott has expressed puzzlement over the Papal lapdogs’ Pablovian performance.

And in fact the Catholic clowns in charge there are quite blatant in their intention to use the ‘scholarships’ as a means of indoctrination of young Indonesians into the left-lib absurdity that the death penalty itself is unacceptable.

  • Vice-Chancellor Professor Greg Craven Craven

…the university’s vice-chancellor, Prof Greg Craven, said in a statement “in a small but symbolic way, the writing by Indonesian students on the sanctity of life would be an ongoing contribution toward the eventual abolition of the death penalty in Indonesia…”

Muddying the waters again.

The dead drug-smugglers – one issue. Capital punishment in general – another, separate issue.

How many Catholic Australians, like decent Australians of all faiths and none, rejoiced, like me and most expats in Jakarta, when those Bali Bomb swine were put to death?

Of course the death penalty is perfectly in order for heinous crimes like terrorist murder, among other things.

These self-righteous college crack-pots need to be put in their place. Which is NOT in the political arena.