The Glory That Was Egypt – When Women Were Unashamed To Be Women!

Just watched an unusually balanced report on EuroNews, about a beautiful Egyptian gal who decided she wanted to look like a woman and dispensed with the scarf of subjugation.

The backward bints where she worked instantly refused to speak to her, gave her the cold shoulder in every possible way – typical of the self-righteous cows who take perverse pride in flaunting their second-class citizen status.

But what was also interesting was the flashback photos of Egyptian women in the 1950s and 1960s. I’d been there, in the mid-1980s, and the people were friendly and polite. Certainly, a lot of the (very attractive ) women then were un-bagged.

But twenty years previous to that?


I was so surprised that I checked Google photo archives to see for myself.

============1960s Egypt Women

  •  None of that shrouding crap back then!


1960s Egypt Color


And none of that primitive crap about separate bathing that sectarian fanatics are demanding in Australia and Canada. 

There are plenty more photos of the old much more civilised Egypt on this link. Let’s hope some day all the Middle East will once more reenter the modern world.