Apartheid UK- Labour’s Fatwa Five Pander to Primitives!

So now we have photographic evidence of the Labour Party’s grovelling to sectarian sexism, no less than FIVE pink political snouts grubbing for votes before an apartheid audience, women quite clearly segregated, just as the most fanatic shariah fatwas require.


Shariah Controlled Zone_thumb[1]


 Segregated seating at rally
Brummistan Labour Hustings
Birmingham’s Fatwa Five have been identified as four official Miliband-approved parliamentary candidates – Tom Watson, Liam Byrne, Khalid Mahmood and Jack Dromey, plus one sitting socialist MEP named Sion Simon. 
They are already in wriggle-mode, no shame about their open contempt for women’s rights but embarrassed as hell about being caught in this base act of collaboration.Mahmood, candidate for Perry Bar, was asked directly whether he thought it appropriate to address a segregated
———He appeared flustered and said: “I didn’t organise it. You’ll have to speak to the organisers.”   http://www.express.co.uk/news/politics/574616/Labour-Left-speakers-segregated-rallyThe clown freely chose to address that apartheid-tainted assembly, nor did he walk out when he saw the bare-faced segregation.

There is no record of him having descended from the stage to urge that the benighted sex barrier be discarded. That would have been an act of decency I’d have applauded, no matter his party. 

Why blame the organisers for his own despicable deference to backward bigots?

Mind you, the organisers appear unfit to live in a civilised country, never mind vote in its elections!

But Miliband won’t bat an eye-lid.

If it takes the votes of people whose values are totally at variance with British rights and liberties, that’s a price he’ll willingly pay to reach 10 Downing Street.