Brain-Dead Bigots Ban Biking Couples!

The latest uptight imbecility emerging from the self-styled Verandah of Mecca,’ Indonesia’s Aceh Province, should be in force by next year.


  •  On yer bike, Kill-Joy!
  • =============
  • So claimed Provincial legislator Fauzan Hamzah, adding that authorities were making “efforts to implement sharia law fully…



….Unmarried people sitting closely together on a motorcycle is clearly against Islamic sharia as it could lead to sinful acts!”

Well, many things can lead to sinful acts.

Going for a moonlit stroll, hand-in-hand. OOOPS! Banned already in Loon-Land.

BTW, I’ve even met one or two backward bints who wrapped a piece of cloth round their hands before they’d shake mine – how rude can you get!

And no, it was my  right hand they wouldn’t shake!



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Dancing. OOOPS!

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Wearing tight jeans. OOPS!

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Oh, and don’t forget New Year celebrations...

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