Bingung Buaaanget! – Gimana Minum Bir Di Bali?

Our headline spells it out – –  very confusing, how to drink beer in Bali!

The illogic of prohibition and the impact of the weird kill-joy diktat against beer sales on tourism is making itself plain in Bali, according to the latest report on that handy website we often refer to.




It seems that the special dispensation given to the Isle of the Gods covers not only the sale of beer, but also how both foreign and domestic visitors to the popular beachfront consume it.

I’d have thought that iisue, at least, was easily determined – just lift the glass or bottle (or plastic cup if you’re in dire straits) then stuff it in your gob and tilt till you feel the amber nectar flowing merrily down your throat!


  • b6128-alcoholicsilhouette ‘Now, how is this done again?’
  • ——————————————-
  • But let’s see.

The rules introduced by the Kuta village authority are expected to outlaw the drinking of beer while strolling roadsides and sidewalks in Kuta and establish a village-owned cooperative to control the distribution of beer to local traders.

Clever tourists will presumably ponder the possibilities of using tinted soft drink bottles to carry their beverage of choice around the town, thus compelling sticky-beak patrols to put on their thinking-caps if they aim to emulate the latest round of raids on mini-marts etc.

And not just mini-marts!

Local law enforcement, we’re told, is engaged in a cat-and-mouse game as they harry small businesses catering to thirsty people on hot Bali days – the regency of Jembrana has no officially licensed cafes and bars, yet, in reality, there are a very large number of such establishments open for business and selling beer throughout that regency.

Obviously the place to go for a fun day out!


simpangsiurbali  – drink driving bad – drink walking too?


The last statistics I saw suggested that the number of Aussie visitors to Bali was increasing – few answering the exhortations to boycott the island because of recent events.

But word will be borne back, to what Indonesian media refer to as the Land of the Kangaroo, about all this carry-on over where and how one can quaff a swift ale. THEN we’ll see what happens.

Sad to see a country score such a needless own goal – for all the talk of ‘health and safety’ and preventing under-age access to alcohol, most countries manage to handle such problems without turning to nit-picking bans.  




That’s why so many people take the view that this whole nonsense is simply ‘creeping shariah,’ placating intolerant sectarians.

And for sure, appeasers usually find they themselves suffer in the longer run.