Witch-Hunt Escalates, As Strasbourg Badgers Magyars!

 budapest3 Hungary 1956


Yeah, Magyars is pronounced to rhyme, roughly, with ‘badgers.’ 

Some readers must wonder why I’m so into Hungary. I have been there, post-liberation, and liked the place, but my sympathy with Magyars stems from my childhood.


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  • I was just old enough to understand the horrible news, 1956, the Red invasion which placed a quisling regime in power and forced 100,000 people to seek sanctuary in the West – real ‘asylum’ seekers!

Now they face invasion once more, and another USSR, the EUSSR, would dearly love to put a quisling Europhile regime into power there.


  Yesterday we showed you this story.  



                                                                                                                                     MEPs challenge Orban’s ‘horrible’ migration survey


The poor little babblers got all upset with the Hungarian PM because he puts his own people first, before the bludger hordes.

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    “We shall not allow economic migrants to jeopardise the jobs and livelihoods of Hungarians” says Viktor Orban 
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Liberal members of the European Parliament on Tuesday (April 28) urged the European Commission and fellow members states to verify that a public consultation on migration launched in Hungary complies with EU values and laws.

Stuff their laws.

Self-respecting nations make their own laws.


  • And as for their values, those that are discernible are not European at all, except insofar as Frankfurt is in Europe, and it’s the Frankfurt School of Cultural Marxism that spawned the vile ‘values’ by which these charlatans operate.

Budapest’s consultation questionnaire, despatched to 8 million citizens , poses a perceptive question or two, like whether “the mismanagement of the immigration question by Brussels may have something to do with increased terrorism.”


EUSSR redarafat

EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs with terrorist hero


Skip the known association of a current senior EU apparatchik with an infamous terrorist. Just don’t forget it.

The same MEPs ( malignant extremist parasites?) are further incensed that the consultation asks if Hungarians support the idea of ‘detaining illegal migrants.‘ Aaah, that brings us to the word ‘horrible.’

What’s truly ‘horrible’ is that these crimmigrants are NOT currently detained, just prodded benignly towards the nearest trough pumped chock-full of goodies…





…paid for from the public purse, whether in Hungary, UK, France or Germany – or any other victim country.

Orban had the audacity to suggest the wasters “themselves should cover the costs” of staying in Hungary. OMG – ease the burden on honest citizens? The blighter!

‘Twas these straightforward cri de couer that sent Dutch MEP Sophie Veld into paroxyms of indignation. Orban’s questionnaire was “HORRIBLE,” she shrilled, her rage amplified by Cecilia Wikstrom, a Swedish liberal MEP, who abandoned all attachment to reality. The nutter ranted that Orban was “transforming Hungary into a mini-Russia!”

And there’s more! 

Juncker’s Jackboot – Brussels Bullies Hungary, Again! 

As we mentioned a week ago, https://euobserver.com/beyond-brussels/128513Orban thinks his people should decide for themselves on capital punishment.


Martin-Schulz Schulz- ‘Ve haf vays of making you be kind to criminals!’

Schulz announced he and Orban had “an open and frank phone conversation” – terminology often used to indicate disagreement.


Parliament president Martin Schulz, and the heads of the EP’s seven political groups, convened on Thursday morning to urge the parliament’s civil liberties committee to “address the situation in Hungary as a matter of urgency.”




So now the witch-hunt is to be escalated.

The EuroSwine have been out to get Hungary ever since it established legal safeguards for real marriage.  Hungary Under Attack – EUSSR Pushes Perv Power, US Frets for Red Graft ‘Suspect’ 

Basically, anything Orban’s Fidesz Party says or does is an affront to the enemy within Europe. Not a lot I can do far away in Jakarta, except blog fiercely.

Nor can even those nearer do much, in the EUSSR’s other subjugated provinces – except RESIST!



  • Just as those brave Magyars did in 1956!