Farkhunda – Mob Murder Bigots To Hang – Despite Brussels’ Objections!

You can bet your boots the sicko decadents in Brussels will deplore the dearly-deserved death sentences handed down on four filthy fanatics guilty of their part in the mob murder of that innocent woman in Afghanistan.

Decent Afghans protest

Beaten to death by sectarian cowards, her corpse burned, dragged behind a truck…MONSTROUS!

Pity it’s only four, but better than no death sentences at all…


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  • …but having said that, every single soul in Britain, and across Europe, should be aware that the EurocRat elite will take precisely the OPPOSITE view.

EUSSR Commissars abhor the very thought that murderous savages should pay the proper price for their heinous crimes.

Here in Jakarta, we’ve been shamed by the sight of UK Foreign Office flunkeys brazenly interfering in this country’s internal affairs, not taking up some individual case where they reckon there’s been an error, but telling Indonesians that capital punishment is unacceptable no matter what.



These pathetic prats know very well they don’t speak for more than a minority of Brits but do they ever own up to that truth when they’re engaged in their self-righteous haranguing of local audiences?


In Farkhunda’s case, there are no mitigating circumstances. 


Sectarian pigs do their satanic worst to a defenceless woman.
In the course of the argument Farkhunda was accused of burning the Koran and a crowd overheard and attacked her.   http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-32604037

What pig-ignorant savages!

In fact she’d burned no books whatsoever, but even if she had, nobody has any right to do harm to another human being just because some book gets burned.

Such barbarians are not fit to breathe God’s sweet air.

And Brussels should acknowledge this, and applaud the fiends’ executions, when, or if, they eventually happen.

They won’t applaud. They’ll likely be too embarrassed to make a public appeal to spare the scum.

So a disapproving silence is all we’ll hear.