Anti-UKIP Media Scoop – We Look Older As We Age!

Well, the Daily Mail has excelled even the Guardian in mindless reportage – in a stunning revelation, they reveal that Mr Farage appears much younger in a video made FOURTEEN YEARS AGO!
 I rather think the intrepid cub reporter who wrote that deathless piece of prose looked about fourteen years younger then too.
As did I, alas. We can’t all be Dorian Gray.
That imbecilic observation is embedded in the Mail’s last-ditch endeavour to damage UKIP, with an old wedding reception video which features Farage telling a joke.  
As one does at such events.
They are not meant for serious political comment.
They are also meant to be private parties for family and friends, but the slimy cur who gave the video to the hacks is apparently not just a rotten pinko…
…but too ashamed of himself to reveal his identity, as he shrills bitterly –
 ‘He claims not to be homophobic but why tell a joke about throwing fags in a pool at his brother’s wedding?’  
To which the answer must surely be…
 The sheer desperation of the British Establishment’s media running dogs makes me hope all the more fervently UKIP are set to turn in some good results tonight.
Maybe the hacks have seen some un-doctored polling results?