Grim Green Gargoyles Snarl in Australia!

Bjorn Lomborg’s appointment has surely ripped away, for all to see, the last feeble pretensions of the intolerant Red/Green lobby, not just to the spirit of academic inquiry but to tolerance itself.



The man is not even a ‘denier’ of the climate panic theories ( , Bjorn Lomborg writes that exaggerated, worst-case claims about climate change result in bad policy   Bjorn Lomborg: The Alarming Thing About Climate.)   but simply questions the way the fanatics perpetually press the panic button when weather becomes the topic of conversation.

What was it they used to call it? Global Warming?

Nowadays the warming is less warm – there was even a weather-alarmist thriller film about New York engulfed in an Ice Age –  so they have fallen back on ‘climate change,’ and a mob of chancers have leapt on the bandwagon.


  • climatechangefraud A rare exception to media collaboration
  • ===================
  • Politicians like Gore, of course, but also lackeys galore in the media, slack hack journos who did pay some attention to the vile professors involved in the ClimateGate scandal…
  • ==========
  • goreendnear
  • =============
  • …but then moved deftly on, quoting the babblings from IPCC as if they were today’s equivalent of the Ten Commandments. 

Lomborg wrote a famous book, warning about warming, nearly 15 years ago, The Skeptical Environmentalist, which I haven’t yet read…


…but I  have read the Australian pinko media, which has suddenly decided to be concerned about the tax-payers, surely a novel interest for papers which a year or two ago noted the 60 million dollars damage caused by ‘asylum’ ratbags on Christmas Island, then carried on cheer-leading their crimmigrant cause.

They are fretting –  –  as are the usual suspects in academia – in particular at UWA where’s he’s being posted.




Their lap-dog leftist students, cretinously, want the Dane driven off campus ‘in the name of science!’ Their choice of words indicates they don’t really know what scientists are meant to do –  pursue truth, search for knowledge.

I suppose had the University of Western Australia Students Guild been around when people were executed for saying that the Earth orbited the Sun, their mass (mob) meeting would have been roaring for blood.

Congratulations to Tony Abbott on giving Lomborg the opportunity to set up this Australia Consensus Centre.

Before it even opens, it’s shone a bright, searing light on the terrified clique battened onto alarmist dogma.