OZ Savages – Old Enough To Plot Murder? Old Enough To Hang!



No point posting to tell Australians that their cities are infested with blood-thirsty vermin, so let’s focus on this one sentence!

Police said they would not be naming the teenager who had been charged due to his age, but said he was expected to face a closed court on Monday.   http://www.themalaysianinsider.com/world/article/australia-police-foil-alleged-terror-bomb-plot

That pathetic little creature in our top photo is a child, no question.

Why those who provided him with his ‘beheading’ hate-placard, and let him proudly display it in the park, were not sent to prison, and the child not placed in the custody of decent human beings, is a serious question. As yet unanswered satisfactorily

But the words quoted in the above media extract were spoken yesterday, about a man (not a child) aged 17, fully aware of what he was or wasn’t doing.

He’s going to be tried and may be found not guilty.

But if he is convicted, there should be no nonsense about his age.

When I was 16 I was political, as were many of my class-mates, right, left and centre.

We understood what politics was about and we wanted, in our different ways, to help our country.

We also knew there were laws, and we knew how to change them. We lived in a democracy.

We further knew the difference between right and wrong.

We did not consider blowing up innocent people on Mother’s Day. 

Enough of this ‘child’ crap!

Anyone found guilty of terrorism who’s old enough to hold a job, in other words, mid-teens upwards, should face the penalties an adult faces.


gallows Or behead the swine, if it’s seen as more ‘culturally sensitive!’

Oh yeah…and sooner or later, the people should be allowed a vote on capital punishment.

The recent deliberate spinning by left-liberal media creeps and pinko politicians has created confusion between WHAT crimes should be capital (one issue) and the PRINCIPLE of the death penalty, which is a damned good principle (another issue)

Abbott has fallen into the trap of facilitating this confusion, but he’s man enough to sort that out and lead a crusade to restore the healthier times when the punishment fitted the crime!