Sex Lagi? Aceh Gas-Bags Belch Again – Dance Diktats Quell Arousal?

The Sharia Hell of Aceh!

The Sharia Hell of Aceh!


Last week we covered the latest idiotic eruptions from the Verandah of Mecca –  Brain-Dead Bigots Ban Biking Couples!  – that’s what the most backward province in Indonesia likes to call itself, and who are we to quibble with their self-description?

Shariah rules in Aceh.




God help its wretched residents, and I see the same bigoted bloke we quoted last week is piling on their agony, further disgracing Indonesia’s reputation with the following fatuity-

“There are some clauses banning women from dancing in front of men because doing so could incite negative perceptions and sometimes trigger sexual arousal,” said the head of the North Aceh Legislative Council legislation agency, Tgk Fauzan Hamzah.

Sexual Arousal!?! How does he know this?

Personal experience?


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  • Has he been exposed to the horrors of the Miami Heat Sexy Dancers?  

Or has he been talking to deranged clerics like the one in this previous post?

Aceh’s Mad Mullah – ‘Dancing is EVIL – It Involves Body Movements!’ 

Do Mad Mullahs get aroused by anything at all, except maybe the thought of beheading apostates!

Well, no doubt sexual arousal can result from watching dancers, sexy or otherwise.  Equally, no doubt, there are guys who can watch dancers without turning horny. 

In fact, looking at a fully-clothed pretty girl walking through a shopping mall can surely result in sexual arousal.

Maybe even looking at an ugly girl?

Everyone has different turn-ons.


  • male scots dancers  Best not get aroused by these fellows!

(I chose the oldest photo I could find on Google – don’t wish to offend any fearsome brave-hearts in the vicinity!)

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If women may not dance in front of men, can they still dance in front of other women?


If so, how about those members of the audience smoking pipes and clad in tweed suits and hob-nailed boots? Lesbians could get sexually aroused!

And suppose – as with many traditional dances – some of the dancers are male? Will their dancing arouse poofters in the audience?

It’s hard to take Fauzan – or any of his kind of kill-joys – seriously.

Unless you have to live in dire, dreary Aceh!