EUSSR Heeds Our Libya Call – But Plots With Merkel To Flood UK!

May 5th – Invasion of Italy? Task Force Time – Occupy Libya Coast! 


Never expected Brussels was reading RRA!




May 10th – EU draws up plans for military attacks on Libya targets to stop migrant boats

The rest of the report detracts from what satisfaction that might accrue from the headlines above, the predictable kow-towing to the UN, the European countries humbly asking it for permission to defend themselves. The United Nations is no friend to civilised nations.

Millions To Swarm Europe? ‘Don’t Fight Back,’ Says Mad Moon! 

  • And the more you read, the worse it gets, the determined drive by Merkel to force thousands of crimmigrants on her’allies.’

The Guardian has exposed a sinister scheme, concoted behind closed doors in Brussels “for a mandatory and automatically-triggered relocation system to distribute those in clear need of international protection within the EU when a mass influx emerges”

…with the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, backing the scheme and Britain and most countries of eastern Europe fiercely resisting.



If she doesn’t like having hordes of bludgers in Germany, hell, she has a navy and an airforce and big container vessels in ports like Hamburg and Lubeck, ideally suited to ship them out and back where they belong!

But instead she aims to inflict social disruption on other countries as badly as the undesirable aliens have caused social disruption on hers, with her eager help.

Mein Gott! Merkel Rolls Out Red Carpet As ‘Asylumers’ Flood Germany! 

The good news is, as so often, Viktor Orban, Hungary’s patriot premier, who says what every true leader of every European nation should be saying loud and clear.

  • Viktor-Orban-006 Orban

He reckons the nefarious plot is “mad” and pledged to defy Brussels. 

“The European concept of ‘someone letting immigrants into their country’ and then ‘distributing’ them among the other member states is a mad and unfair idea,” he said.