Monarki Progresif – Java Heat Over Jogja’s Princess Royal!

Far be it from me to intrude on Jogjakarta’s dynastic rules, but it’s hard not to smile at the news of a possible Sultana in the DIY – that’s the ‘Special Jogjakarta Area.’


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  • After watching that great action movie, Java Heat, in which a beautiful princess becomes a Javanese Sultana, I thought to myself, what a fine idea!

It would get right up the nasty sticky-beak noses of the ignoramus Islamists who despise women in general and empowered women in particular.

And indeed, the Jogja Sultanate is noted for its adherence to tolerance, that Javanese tradition being eroded elsewhere by barbarous Arab notions that include not only foul sectarianism but also crude sexism.

Alas, even in the royal realm, savages are on the prowl!

Jogja’s Tradition of Tolerance Theatened by Jihadist Jerks? 

In any event, the princess in the true, non-film, story, is rather a fine example of Javanese womanhood, and Javanese women are in general pretty fine.


Gusti Kanjeng Ratu Pembayun


But Sultan Hamengkubuwono X may need to handle dissent, from some or all of his six half brothers, ill at ease with the news that His Majesty has named his first-born daughterGusti Kanjeng Ratu Pembayun, as Crown Princess – HRH even gets a new name to go with her new title, Gusti Kanjeng Ratu Mangkubumi.

We have looked at the position of the monarchy in Jogjakarta before, when former President SBY showed signs of interference – he wisely backed off!



There had been talk of removing the Sultan’s hereditary right to serve his people as Governor as well as monarch, but it was pointed out that if they made the gubernatorial post an elected one, the Jogja populace would vote their Sultan in right away.

To help collect input from the public, the sultan’s brothers established a post at Ndalem Yudonegaran to give people the opportunity to convey their aspirations regarding the issue.

It has overtones of the manoeuvres around the elevation of the young Queen Victoria in the UK, with various uncles lurking in the wings.

And she went on to become a powerful and beloved ruler.