BBC’s ‘Hard Talk’ – Three Europhiliac Easy Riders!

BBC EU flag

Just watching BBC’s World Service, ‘Hard Talk’ – all about the referendum promised by Cast-Iron Cameron on whether to keep the UK within the EUSSR.

  • EU - referendum vote
  • Three distinguished participants .Malcolm Rifkind, Tory pro-EUSSR, Pat McFadden, Labour pro-EUSSR, Menzies Campbell, LibDem pro-EUSSR.
  • I listened to Rifkind gloatingly calculate how whatever Cameron brings back as a deal will get approved, because the other in-crowd parties will back him against the Tory patriot dissenters.
  • —————-
  • BBC-bias-alert


  • Not a single solitary voice on the panel to be seen or heard.
  • Sure and it’s a wonderful balance the mandarins of Broadcasting House manage to achieve when they really, really try!