Cuba Libre! – Collaborateur! Hollande Emulates Thorez!

Decent people in France have always despised the PCF, the Parti Communiste Francaise, ever since its treasonous boss Thorez deserted from his country’s armed forces while Hitler was overseeing German aggression against La Republique.

Maurice Thorez Thorez

He scuttled off to Moscow and skulked there for the duration of WW2, tried in absentia and sentenced to death.

Unfortunately the swine was pardoned after the war, but patriots remembered his solidarite with the enemies of freedom and of France.

Why the quick review of history?


Following up Obama’s rapprochement with the unelected red despots who misrule Cuba, French President Hollande has been frolicking with that imprisoned island’s evil autocrats.

True, leaders in each country have to interact with whoever their counterparts happen to be in other countries.    


Hollande fidel2


But listen to what I just heard him saying on Euronews!

‘I know what he represents to the people, including in France, so I wanted to reach out to him,’ ‘euronews, today

If Hollande really knows what Fidel Castro, and Raul Castro, represent – oppression, murder, cruelty and an unequivocal hatred for France’s democratic principles of Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite –  and Hollande surely has no excuse NOT to know – then the only way he should want to reach out to them is to get his hands around those diabolic old dictators’ necks and throttle the swine.

Neither Castro represents the Cuban people!

Neither they nor their gangster party has ever allowed those people freely to elect a government to represent them, because they know that, given a free and fair election…



… the Communists would be booted out of their luxury mansions and their privileged high-class hospitals and all the other trappings of tyranny they’ve wallowed in for half a century.




But Hollande does know, and he fawns on them, no mere diplomatic courtesies, but open grovelling, a calculated insult to the subjugated citizens of the island he’s visiting.



What a disgrace!