Brussels’ Lackeys WILL Abuse Public Funds in the UK Referendum!

A very late start today, as it’s on the cards I’ll have a fairly late night tonight. Holiday here tomorrow, so fun is required.

First, though, a glance at EUObserver, a piece about the ham-fisted way the PR people employed by the EUSSR don’t always seem to shine at their work.

But it was the last sentence that made me smile quietly – no raucous laughter too early in the day!

Faced with growing disillusionment with the European project across the continent and slick, well-funded propaganda from its opponents – whether the Russian government or Eurosceptic groups – it is time for the EU to up its game.




Slickness is in the eye of the beholder, but ‘well-funded?‘ It is a matter of public record that pro-independence parties and campaign groups have to raise their funds from memberships, donations and some sympathetic businesses.

Our common enemies, however, the supranationalists, have no such limitations- they simply plunder the public purse, using taxes paid by Eurosceptic citizens to blast propaganda at them, and – much more sinisterly – at their children.

A recent report gives chapter and verse of what is very clearly EUSSR propaganda – -described as ‘free’ but of course paid for from every tax-payer’s pocket.

And the Commissar’s flunkeys have no inhibitions about telling anyone who asks exactly what it’s for.





Get this.

The European Commission in the UK has defended these sorts of publications, saying they are needed to balance out the “robust positions” expressed daily in Britain in national newspapers. 

Balance out? All three – or four, if you count the SNP – establishment party leaderships are pro-EUSSR, as are  much of the media, e.g. the Guardian, Independent – even some of those who criticise the EurocRat enemy’s excesses are not firmly on the side of sovereignty.

And I reported the BBC’s “balance” last night!

British media are quite ‘balanced’ enough, thanks. 

It’s no part of a civil servant’s job to interfere in the political process. They are mere hirelings, servants, to do the people’s bidding, not muddy the waters with poisonous waffle aimed at innocent kids. 

“If – and only if – schools contact us for information material, we supply it” a spokesman said.“It is for schools to make sure pupils are aware of the wide range of views on the EU expressed daily in Britain.”





The EuroCrats don’t hesitate to funnel millions into class-rooms, where too many subversive Europhiliac teachers are slavishly serving the enemy agenda.

So no hogwash, please, about how ‘well-funded’ are the freedom fighter movements. They are facing a juggernaut of lies financed by those who wish to subjugate all the historic nations of Europe, operating on a cultural marxist moral level, no better, worse, really, than the morality of a common cut-purse in a crowded market square.