Fifties Ontario Out Of Reach, What To Do On Empire Day?

I was so tired when I got home last night, quite out of character.

The key cause, methinks, was that Busway journey from Juanda Station to Grogol, packed into the bus, all seats taken, of course..

macet1 I DO love Jakarta, really!


  • … and ENDLESS delays, for reasons not entirely due to the traffic, which, at rush hour, was bad and probably worse than usual due to many people heading out of town for the holiday today, which they’ll extend to include tomorrow and the weekend.

A lot of them head for Puncak, incomprehensibly to me, because there is nothing to see or do there, except hills and tea plantations, which, once seen, are best consigned to the photo album.

BTW, it’s now bucketing rain outside, so good luck to them!


  • wine-women-and-song
  • =============
  • And of course my travel-stress was exacerbated a thousand-fold by the fact that a free-flow beer event was my destination. A dashed fine bar was marking its anniversary and since I use it from time to time, ’twas only fair I be part of that rejoicing.

By the time I reached it, nearly one of the three hours free-flow had elapsed, and the God’s Honest Truth was that I was so exhausted, I could only manage five pints before the call of home began to sound within my weary head.

A tempora, a mores.


 alittle bit before even my time!


While en route to West Jakarta, there was plenty of time to contemplate joyful celebrations from boyhood on, and for some reason – probably because it’s coming up soon – Empire Day in Ontario popped into my head, bonfires and red, white and blue bunting all around, our glorious Red Ensign flag fluttering uniquitously, as indeed it did all year round.


 my last such day was in 1956, Dief the Chief was there…


All my friends, neighbours and kinfolk, old and young alike, delighting in our shared heritage of loyalty.

I thought- how shall I spend Empire Day this year?

So today I’ve been scanning for accessible events. .


Kodim 0507 Bekasi 10 K dan 5 K, 24 Mei 2015


If you too are wondering what to do to celebrate Empire Day in style this year,  there seem to be few events on Jakarta on 24th May – but then I spotted this, in West Java, just across the city limits – an energetic way to work up a thirst!

Alas, the conditions of entry forbid non-citizens from participation.

I also suspect there are few if any people in Bekasi who have even heard of Empire Day, nor would they have any interest whatsoever in celebrating it if they had!

But I’m sure we can watch, and observing people run ten kliks in this heavenly hot climate engenders thirst almost as much as running the darned thing!

PS, if readers do know of alternative options for a day or night out, please advise!