Vive Les Calais Cops – ‘Brutality?’ No, Just Common-Sense Crimmigrant Control!

Having watched the news, most Brits fully understand that the Calais crimmigrants epitomise the phrase ‘undesirable aliens.’

Their arrogance and violence disqualify them from any sympathy, and should reduce to ZERO any prospect of ever gaining admission to the UK.

And if Hollande were anything other than the cultural marxist he is, the French Government would have rounded up the anti-social louts for deportation a long time ago.




Instead, it sounds like there’s a WITCH-HUNT underway against some admirable Calais cops who did what every right-minded patriot in either Britain or France must surely be applauding whole-heartedly.

Ludicrously, there’s talk of ‘brutality,’ whereas in fact, all that happened was that police officers are seen forcibly removing migrants from trucks, throwing migrants over the motorway guardrail and discharging tear gas at a group of migrants.


Like, uh, the cops should have tried a ‘pretty please’ approach, ‘Excusez moi, Monsieur Thug, would you mind not engaging in violent criminal activity, s’il vous plait, sir?’


Here’s the video that ‘caught’ the cops safeguarding British lorries against amok crimmigrants!  vidéo : des migrants brutalisés par la police à Calais  But why ‘caught,’ as if the police were out of line? 

They deserve a medal!


…an investigation has been launched after French police were caught on camera kicking, pushing and threatening UK-bound illegal migrants.




What’s to investigate?

These uppity aliens have been asking for a sound thrashing long enough –  only this week an extra 40 riot police had to be deployed, no doubt at no small expense to French tax-payers, And if the alien hoodlums haven’t learned their lesson, well… 




Police in France carry guns. They ought to use them!

Time the savages got it into their primitive heads what sort of conduct will be tolerated on the part of uninvited and most unwelcome guests. And remind them just whose country they’re polluting!

Elsewhere in the same report, we note that 3,000,000 euros were lavished on providing brand new free lodging for the parasites, another waste of public money. Again, consider the realities of those on whom largesse is thus lavished.



… fighting between Sudanese and Eritrean migrants and attacks on lorries, while locals complain of damage to their properties. In the worst incident so far one migrant was stabbed in the back and two others beaten with iron bars after a fight over territorial rights at the camp.

Meanwhile, back in Blighty, Cameron’s contortions are increasingly unbelievable.


Poor old Theresa May echoes HMV saying there will be no EUSSR mandatory resettlement of crimmigrants imposed on Britain.

Yet simultaneously HM Royal Navy fails to turn back another boat-load of bludgers, landing them on the poor Italians! :

For pity’s sakes! I have had some tough things to say about Malaysia in recent times,but at least voices of reason can be heard there, as far as crimmigrants are concerned. 

“We cannot welcome them here,” Malaysian Deputy Home Minister Wan Junaidi Jaafar.”If we continue to welcome them, then hundreds of thousands will come from Myanmar and Bangladesh.”   We will send Rohingya back, says Malaysia,