South Australia ‘Powerless’ To Curb Sectarian Sexism? Just Shut the Dump Down!

At the Islamic College of South Australia, parents and pupils alike are demanding the school board be sacked.

These protestors are obviously the kind of decent Muslims that Australia should be able to regard as honourable, loyal citizens.


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  • Protest outside an Islamic School in South Australia
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  • And that’s more than can be said for the rabid ratbags running the place, if reports are true that they’ve scrapped the singing of the national anthem, banned the playing of the piano on the grounds it is evil and stopped boys and girls sharing corridors….

That’s a grisly blend of treason, moronism and sexism, and another report (from ABC, no less!) telling us that members of the opposite sex who speak to each other are sternly chastised … – – …makes it very clear that the primitives in control of this cess-pit ‘school’ are enemies of everything that normal Australians take for granted.

And one of the bigot bullies in charge is threatening reprisals against pupils who joined the protests. “We were disturbed that some parents actively encouraged their children to participate in the protest,” the statement said in relation to previous action. Those engaging in this will face disciplinary action.”





What’s most outrageous is that this isn’t the only such ‘school’ to be causing concern, that Australian tax-payers cough up 40 million per annum to fund them, and that, despite this indefensible largesse to overtly sectarian indoctrination centres, the South Australian State Government says it’s got no powers to intervene.

Intervention is hardly enough- they should be shut down and all students given places at decent schools where boys and girls mix freely, where music is played a lot of the time, and where it’s made plain that loyalty to Queen and Country is the ONLY allegiance that will be tolerated.