Kasihan Amel Alvi – Jadi Korban Media Kejam!

Alvi offering a digital message to the media?


I declined to use Alvi Amel’s name last week when the story broke about a celebrity hooker in a posh hotel. She had denied that the lady with the initials A.A. was her glamorous self, and it seemed churlish to add to her embarrassment.

But my fascination for stunners is endless, as indicated in previous posts..

Serigala Sexy Senang – Kenapa? ‘Dada Yang Besar!!’ 

Kasihan Roro Fitria! 

…and my sympathy matches my fascination’s dimensions, especially when Alvi’s dimensions are gratuitously dragged into the media spotlight, as has occurred.

Given the tribulations suffered by Alvi already, what possible justification is there for a report, both ludicrous and offensive, which blares out the ‘fact’ that her bountiful bust is fifty percent false?

Especially when it’s based on claims by a ‘friend’ unwilling to be identified – ‘T.C’ says the ‘enlargement’ was done ‘in a salon in Mampang,’ South Jakarta.

Thereafter, adds ‘T.C.,’ she detected ‘arrogance’ in Alvi!

50 Persen Payudara Amel Alvi Palsu-JPNN.com

What kind of ‘friend’ is that?

And why does JPNN.com think it newsworthy?


Even if Alvi’s astounding attributes are only half as impressive as they appear to be, I’d say they were still a force of nature to be reckoned with.




If Alvi says she’s without sin, I for one will take her word for it.

In fact just about anything she’d bother to say to me would be utterly acceptable!


Presumably the real femme fatale will emerge from obscurity in due course.




These raids are an immense waste of police time – nobody is alleged to have forced anyone into anything, and if the going rate is $6000 bucks, more fool the punter.

I won’t make a fuss, having recently drawn attention to the seeming preference for swoops on humble hotels and lodgings, rather than the haunts of the rich and famous, which a five-star joint in Kuningan certainly is!

Gotta good idea which one it is, but again don’t risk naming it, as lawyers love to sleaze their way into fat fees.

Which reminds me, an old Robin Williams movie, on O Channel last week.

The great star was addressing a dinner and made a fine joke –


  • Roof rat

  • I hear that lawyers are replacing rats in animal experiments; the public is less concerned when they hear of lawyers having their eyes put out or being operated on without anesthetic and moreover, it’s possible to get lawyers to do things that even rats won’t do.